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To put  words in the slender and meaningful lines without losing their value and sense is very easy. All you need is a talent.


Пишем, переводим, редактируем. Собираем мысли в слова, передаем с их помощью знания. Упрощаем важное до понятного. Находим точные определения, жонглируя выражениями. Интересно рассказываем истории.

To add some salt and pepper –

to every sentence!

Why do you need an editor? The classy text allows you to convey the message accurately and clearly. So that everything you’ve been told during an hour fits on the one page, the main won’t be lost off the lines and the details will become the accents without making a mess or confusing any of the thoughts. Each paragraph set to be “for” of “against” for readers, while the full point is a ready-to-take decision. Journalism turns this creative process into a craft, and the editor sets standards.

Оur favorite genres

News, reviews, reviews, test-drives
Interviews, speeches, reports
Life Stories, biographies
Analytical notes, views
Fiction translation
Investigative journalism

Personal in touch

The project manager on the daily basis sends a report on the working progress, so you are always aware of what is the stage.


When ordering, you set the timing of the implementation. Our commitment is to find the resources to fulfill it.


There are no problems, there are tasks. We follow this principle and optimize all processes intelligently without getting rattled.

Working hours
Original ideas
Writers and editors
In our team we have imaginative thinkers and creative doers with easy style and expert level of knowledg in different fields – independent reporters, journalists, experienced editors from the media all over the world. Please, contact us to get access to the regular contributors as well as competent professionals that are always ready to contribute to your projects.

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Editorial analytics

We collect and analyze information to conduct our own researches to write original articles, investigations, surveys. Dedicated journalist with extensive experience on the subject is assigned in this case to work with to guarantee the quality.


We find the best ideas up to the structure and content for a full-size sites and landing-pages dedicated to any subject (business, lifestyle blogs, medicine, charity). Search engine requirements as well as mobile-optimization do not scare us.

All-out design

We pick up standing-out illustrations, create user-friendly webpages, design a layout of a booklet or a book. We provide A to Z workflow with the text – from the very idea to its effective presentation in a suitable format.

PR and marketing strategy planning

While creating the texts, we are carefully studying the audience, so we know exactly how to influence it in the best way possible.

Communication in social media

“Cats-mi-m-mi” is not about ours SMM. We perfectly communicate with your readers on all available platforms.

Speeches and performances

Let’s help you to gather thoughts and arrange them in way that you’d be heard from the beginning till the end.


Здесь можно посмотреть, что мы уже успели опубликовать. Большинство проектов мы выполняем конфиденциально (под NDA) – например, ведем личные блоги, корреспонденцию, готовим книги, поэтому в общий доступ их не выкладываем. При личной встрече поделимся опытом.

Daily notes in blog

Оригинальные тексты – наши будни. Даже если они "тестовые", если просто "заметки на полях" или идеи новых материалов – мы с гордостью делимся ими. Также в блоге можно найти наши специальные проекты по изучению языков, рекомендации авторам, интересные переводы и многое другое.


Напишите нам сообщение или позвоните. Мы оперативно оценим свои возможности и предложим оптимальные решения для любых задач, связанных с подготовкой качественных текстов и их распространением.

Если же вы еще в поиске оптимального решения, то посоветуйтесь с нашим менеджером по телефону. If you are still looking for something special for your project, please, do not hesitate contact our manager via phone.

Ukraine/Russia Coordinator in Kiev: +38(050) 620-10-62

Europe Coordinator in Madrid: +34(673)783-532

Middle East Coordinator in Beirut: +(961)816-193-94 (WhatsApp)

Email, please: hello@protextus.com

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